Autumnal Greetings, The Quantum Times, and a Random Thought

Welcome to autumn here in the northern hemisphere of the home planet! OK, that sounds like it’s out of a bad sci-fi flick or something. Nonetheless, for yours truly who lives in Maine, Autumn brings one of the most awesome times of the year – colorful leaves, brisk temperatures with mostly sunny skies, apple picking, the Fryeburg Fair, and my favorite holiday, Halloween!

Since September is coming to a close, I am about to put together the next issue of The Quantum Times and would welcome any suggestions for potential articles or notices for inclusion. You can post them here or send me an e-mail at idurham(at)anselm(dot)edu.

And finally a random thought I’m working on: time is nothing more than a statistical phenomenon related to the second law of thermodynamics which is really just a physical manifestation of the law of large numbers and any violation of Bell’s inequalities violates the second law. Comment away…

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