More fodder for my argument

The following job advertisement appeared in this month’s Physics Today:

Radiation Oncology Physicist (Postgraduate)

Provide CyberKnife linear accelerator physics support to physicians treating radiation oncology patients under supervision of board-certified medical physicists. Collaborate with oncologists to design treatment plans, incl. external radiation therapy & brachytherapy. Dev. & program software for physics measurement data analysis, imaging & dosimetry…

And it goes on from there. Once again, I fail to see merit in the argument that pre-medical students shouldn’t take physics. How in God’s name are doctors supposed to collaborate with physicists if they’ve never taken physics? Of course it would seem to me potentially beneficial for the physicists to have had some biology as well, but I just don’t get it – particularly the strangely myopic view of the anonymous commentator on my previous posts on this topic.

Take this example: want to collaborate with someone from Japan? They will likely know a bit of English but it sure makes things easier if you know a bit of Japanese as well.

Domo arigato (どうもありがとう), Mr. Roboto.


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