Statistics, spin, and John Bell

After I recently posted an article deriving Bell’s inequalities from the fundamental assumption of statistical mechanics, a guy at Northeastern Illinois University contacted me about a paper he wrote a few years ago linking Bell’s inequalities to the spin-statistics theorem, something I had a strong sense must exist but had never proven.

It seems there is a strong statistical/thermodynamic interpretation of quantum information that is developing, considering work in the past decade by the likes of Oppenheim, the Horodeckis, Cerf & Adami, and others. It is my feeling that there is a definite path one can draw that covers the uncertainty principle, the second law of thermodynamics, the exclusion principle (and thus the spin-statistics theorem), and Bell’s inequalities. The exact order they would appear on this path (and whether it is linear or circular) is unclear but I have a feeling we’ll know sooner than later.


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