March Meeting recap

Well, the March meeting was a veritable blur of activity. A full recap will be published in The Quantum Times. My talk went reasonably well though with only 12 minutes for both speaking and answering questions, I inevitably skimmed a thing or two (and mistakenly said “non-diagonalizable” when I meant “non-seperable” in reference to density matrices). I still have a person or two I need to convince of my argument but I have been introduced to a number of additional sources to help support my claim, including Frank Schroeck’s voluminous treatise on quantum mechanics in phase space. It was Frank himself who photocopied a section or two of interest. Now I’m bent on convincing a few others who were at the meeting.

At an informal dinner session on Monday evening seven of us discussed how to better incorporate foundational aspects of quantum mechanics in curriculum as a way of enhancing quantum mechanics education and bring more people into the fold (in general students tend to be more interested in the foundational stuff anyway). In a rather ironic bit of timing, Physics Today published a few letters on the benefits of learning foundational concepts in quantum mechanics in this month’s issue which was waiting for me in my mailbox upon my return.

The GQI business meeting was well attended and the discussion on the future name of the group was mostly free of bloodshed. I also attended the GQI Executive Committee dinner the following night at Rioja, supposedly the best restaurant in Denver, from which I managed to get a nasty bout of food poisoning (I’ll spare you the details). The meeting was fruitful though.

In short, it was a fairly productive meeting both from the standpoint of GQI and from the standpoint of my own research. I’m just hoping that in both cases I/we can build on the energy and not let the good ideas flutter off into obscurity.


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