Yes, I can get bored very easily…

Yes, I have changed the layout of this blog yet again. Blogger just makes it way too easy. This one looked good since the colors sort of match the colors for my favorite drink, Moxie (I drink 4 liters of it a week – hey, I live in Maine and it’s the state drink). Maybe I’ll try something else in a few weeks.


2 Responses to “Yes, I can get bored very easily…”

  1. serafino Says:

    Yes, new colours (etc.) are much better. I can read everything properly now.

    PS: Easily bored? Follow this link …

  2. Quantum Moxie Says:

    Now that is interesting. Hmmmm…..

    Well, I’m glad the new colors work better. I have longer post that is waiting for one of my fingers to heal (the post is the story of how it got injured – it’s rather amusing).

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