A few papers of potential interest…

I’m giving Dave Bacon’s SciRate a concerted try. As such I’ve voted on a couple of recent papers that I’ve browsed through. Mind you, I haven’t read them in depth, but they piqued my interest for various reasons.

First: “A generalized no-broadcasting theorem” by Barnum, Barrett, Leifer, and Wilce. The short summary is that no-broadcasting is a weaker form of no-cloning.

Second: J.S. Bell’s concept of local causality by Norsen. I honestly hadn’t thought much about the subject, but apparently Norsen thinks this is true of most people. Clarifications such as this are often quite useful.

Finally, is anyone out there a set theory afficionado? A few years ago I wrote this paper. Of all my papers on the arXiv, it’s about the only one that has maintained some consistent amount of interest over the years. I came back to it recently in my quest to prove to Rob Spekkens that there is a link between Bell inequalities and the uncertainty relations (it seemed almost obvious to me, but…). I want to thoroughly revise this and make it more rigorous but, after a point my knowledge of set theory gets thin. E-mail me if you are a set theory guru and want the satisfaction of working with a physicist doomed to everlasting obscurity…


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