Wanna get published?

OK, that was a shamelessly deceptive title for this post. I’m preparing the latest issue of The Quantum Times and am just wondering if anyone has anything they think should be included. Here’s a list of what I’ve got so far:

– Lead story on loopholes in quantum cryptography
– Recap of the Växjo conference on quantum foundations
– Recap of the Vienna Symposium
– Article on overlooked events in the history of the laser
– Short editorial on the FBI’s restrictions on grad students
QCMC announcement
– Fellowship and award announcements


2 Responses to “Wanna get published?”

  1. serafino Says:

    Why not a poll? Who said: “Shut up and Calculate.” And does the expression have a sarcastic or a ‘positive’ meaning?

  2. Quantum Moxie Says:

    A poll for The Times (i.e. on what to publish) or a poll in The Times?

    Not sure who said “shut up and calculate” first but it was definitely not Bohr. I don’t think it was Dirac either since it’s not his style. It definitely could have been Feynman from the tone but I’m not sure. I suspect it was meant in a derogative sense by whomever said it. It is certainly used that way today, at least in my view.

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