Physics of football…

While I am a sports fanatic in general (and even used to watch obscure sports late at night on ESPN before they became a media giant), Football is my favorite sport, hands down. So I was excited to find this in the latest newsletter from the APS: Nanobowl I. Essentially, make a video about the physics of football, post it to YouTube, and send an e-mail to the judges. The winner gets $1000 and a nano-trophy. Yes, that is correct: the trophy is a football helmet and field that is so small you need an electron microscope to see it. The trophy is being manufactured by a group at Cornell University. I’ve offered it as an extra credit project to my students and I’m hoping to garner a lot of interest in the contest here at Saint A’s. I should come up with one of my own too, though I suppose it’s geared more toward students (but $1000 would be immeasurably helpful at the moment).


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