Scenes from the debates – now clickable!!

My venerable employer has posted of photographs from the recent debates (note that only the first 10 pages are from the debates and surrounding events).  I highlight a few here of particular interest and have included some captions in the actual photos.  The one of me in the audience is © Gil Talbot photo.  The rest are © someone else whose name I couldn’t find.

 Gotta love Rudy and Fred.

Rudy Fred

My friend Gary Bouchard of the English department. Me in the audience. Gary got the better deal.

Gary Me

My office (sort of) from two angles.

Window Goulet

Vote for Vermin Supreme. He’s real. I’m not kidding. Seriously.

Vermin Supreme

Why didn’t someone tell me Viggo Mortensen was on campus? Unfortunately he supports Kucinich who, apparently, has seen a UFO.



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