Alternatives to Turing tests

From arXiv blog, news of a new paper summarizing alternatives to the Turing test as a measure of machine intelligence.  It brings up a curious point.  A lot of research goes unnoticed, partly because the general field of science is just so huge and partly because scientists get entrenched in their ways and frequently dismiss novel ideas even if the work is well done.  Hence, we frequently witness the age-old adage of history repeating itself when certain ideas get “rediscovered,” etc.  For example, variable-speed-of-light theories had legitimately been proposed before Joao Magueijo “reproposed” them a few years back, but he was unaware of the work because it had been swept under the proverbial rug for various reasons.  Is there a solution to this apparent problem?  How do we prevent such things from happening again (or at least minimize the possibility)?  


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