March Meeting highlights (or, Deepak Chopra drank the milk!)

Well, I never got to blog in the evenings due largely in part to the fact that I wasn’t getting back to my room until late due to dinner meetings.  I managed to eat at BayonaBroussard’s, and Antoine’s (the first two on the APS’ dime).  I played Matt Leifer for a morning since he couldn’t make it (I skipped the London accent, though) and, due to Howard Barnum’s invitation, spent an afternoon at the Clifford Lectures at Tulane.  Here’s a short summary of some random things I learned at the March Meeting, in the spirit of The Pontiff.  I might give more detailed summaries of some of the talks later.

 – Dave Bacon honored me in his talk by listing me as one of the handful of people as crazy as he is. 

 – Dave’s father once sent him an “itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot zucchini” in the mail. 

 – Dave is very, very funny (and a nice guy, too). 

 – Gravitational fields degrade entanglement. 

 – Seth Lloyd has cheered on Haruki Murakami, one of my favorite authors, in the Boston Marathon (Seth’s wife is a Prof. of Japanese Lit.).

 – Seth’s father hid their TV once, claiming he’d shot it with his .22 while Nixon was talking one day (turns out he
only hid it in the attic).

 – Deepak Chopra drank all of John Preskill’s milk once, without asking.

 – Mathematicians have very little physical intuition (oddly, I have a PhD in Mathematics – hmmm…).

 – There are way too many sessions on superconducting qubits at the March Meeting.

 – Too much of physics has become engineering in disguise (Frank Schroeck agrees with me on this).

 – New Orleans has awesome street musicians.

 – While physicists are still very easy to pick out of a crowd, they’re getting a little better at blending in, e.g. Bob Coecke looks like he ought to be riding a Harley.

 – Barry Sanders owns at least two ties.

 – My result on Cerf-Adami inequalities sent one dude into an incoherent tirade that no one seemed to understand.

 – I seem to have a better memory of the non-scientific results from this week than everything else.  I wonder why.

 Well, we’ll see where that gets us.  I did take some notes at some of the sessions and will report on them at some point (of course, they’re all going to be summarized in The Quantum Times’ next issue). 


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