Big Brother – and everyone else – is watching you

There’s a new plan being championed by Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff that would allow domestic agencies such as DHS to use data from CIA, NSA, and DoD spy satellites for domestic surveillance.  Now, as a libertarian I am obviously opposed to any such plan, but I wonder why no one has said anything about the very public satellite services such as those provided by Google.  As an example, here is a relatively recent photo that includes my house.  It is so close a shot that you can see my neighbor’s boat in his driveway!  I just find this to be a tad bit creepy.  Note that despite appearances, I live on a typical 2-lane road, not 4.


4 thoughts on “Big Brother – and everyone else – is watching you

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  1. ” There is some work to be done, of course, even on this particular setup. For example, the photons only become entangled about 1/9 of the time.”
    How you know they are entangled? Maybe just probabilistic acsident?

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