Maybe I should finish that Eddington book after all

Over at Incoherently Scattered Ponderings, there is an ongoing discussion that includes a dialogue on the h-index.  I have an absurdly low h-index, but when looking mine up (we don’t really pay any attention to them at my school) I was delighted to find a reference to my PhD thesis by Dean Rickles and Steven French in the introductory chapter to the book they co-edited with Juha Staatsi, The Structural Foundations of Quantum Gravity.  In a footnote related to Eddington’s “heroic effort” to develop a theory of quantum gravity, they refer to my thesis as “an almost equally heroic effort to render it comprehensible and relate it to modern concerns” (see p. 28).  Of course, Steven was the external examiner on my thesis and a major influence on my work (which, lo and behold, has come back round to quantum gravity via information theory).  So there is perhaps some bias there, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Maybe I should buckle down and finish writing that Eddington book after all.  At least Steven would buy it and perhaps Dean.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I should finish that Eddington book after all

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  1. Ah, see, now in that regard, though my Erdös number is not as low as it could be, I am perilously close to having an Erdös-Bacon number (my father, who is a retired high school English and Drama teacher, has and Erdös-Bacon number of 9).

    As for my thesis, I can’t believe I forgot to link to it. Well, problem solved so it now works in the original post or you can just click here.

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