More consumer oddities…

Hard-core outdoor power equipment manufacturer Husqvarna now makes a robotic lawnmower that is solar powered and, apparently, includes a theft protection system.  Hmmm…  Apparently it has some sort of pin code lock to protect it.  Too bad I’m so horrible at remembering codes and passwords.

The Pontiff recently posted an interesting video of a guy who turned his Roomba into a Pacman-like device.  Can you imagine what fun you could have if you did the same thing to the robo-mower?  Of course, in that case, it might leave a trail of dismemberment in its path (maybe that’s the security system).

Oh, and apparently, iRobot now sells a robotic gutter cleaner.  Now there’s a great Father’s Day gift.  Too bad my house doesn’t have gutters on it…


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