Nuts in Buffalo: funeral + reunion = wild & crazy fun!

I’m in Buffalo this weekend (hence no posts in awhile) with Mrs. Moxie, the kids, and the dog visiting my folks. Yesterday we began the day with a memorial service for my grandmother who passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 91. That was followed by a 20th reunion of my 8th grade class – yes, someone decided to organize an 8th grade reunion. It was actually a lot of fun.

Anyway, I have an enormous family. My mom is the oldest of seven and, while my dad is only one of three, there are lots of cousins. Plus the two families are close. So this weekend has been like a huge family reunion – except that we all saw each other three weeks ago at my sister’s wedding (after which Mrs. Moxie, the kids, my parents, and Mrs. Moxie’s parents took a week’s vacation together – and it wasn’t the first time)! Nonetheless, it is always an experience getting my family together since we’re all nuts. The good thing about this is that there is always a lot of laughter. At one point we had eleven people sleeping somewhere in my parents’ house (“Don’t trip over Aunt Tina! Oh, that’s George??”). Since a lot of people had flown in we traded cars here and there and at one point people started to lose track of where all the cars were (“Who took the truck?”). Of course the food is always good. My mom’s family is Polish and Ukrainian, though, so it is frequently fattening. But I feel so lucky my kids have the opportunity to grow up in such a loving, warm environment.

Of course I also had this crazy 8th grade reunion yesterday. Who organizes an 8th grade reunion?? Well, that would be one of the nuts I went to school with (do you sense a theme here?). Perhaps the craziest thing is that, out of approximately 25 students from that class, 18 came to at least one event. We actually were a pretty close class in some respects (maybe it’s because we’re all nuts) but maybe never realized it at the time. In any case, it was a blast to see people after all these years, with their kids and spouses and other assorted and acquired attachments (e.g. my slight beer gut, gray hair, and bald spot – I suppose the latter is actually a lack of an attachment). I thus feel equally blessed to have grown up in a community where such an odd event is actually… well, not that odd. That is definitely something that is unique to Buffalo. There are nearly as many people in the Buffalo area as there are in the entire state of Maine and yet it’s like a small town – everyone seems to know everyone else. There is a little bit of that in Maine which is partly why I like it so much, but there’s nothing quite like Buffalo.


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