Killing two birds with one stone: the Bills should run this offense

Courtesy of Swans on Tea, I just learned about the A-11 offense that is designed such that all 11 players on the field are potentially eligible to catch a pass.  By rule, on any given play, only five players are technically eligible to catch a pass and seven players must line up on the line of scrimmage.  But no rule says the eligible players must be the same ones each play, and no rule says the people on the line of scrimmage have to be linemen!  So this crazy offense basically has a center flanked by two TEs, two QBs, and a mix of RBs and WRs.  Say a team runs this offense on every play of a drive.  They could have the same 11 players on the field for every play and yet completely different players who are eligible on each play.  Also, by rule, players who are not eligible to catch a pass, are still eligible to receive hand-offs and laterals.  Plus, the seven players who are not eligible to catch a pass on a given play do not necessarily have to be the same seven that are on the line of scrimmage!  Try designing a defense to stop that.

Now, as a rabid lifelong Bills fan, I see this as the answer to several problems, not the least of which has been a dull and predictable offense for the better part of a decade.  First, since the A-11 doesn’t require linemen, the Bills could tell Jason Peters (or, really his agent) to kiss their ass.  Second, since it can use two QBs, they could keep both Trent Edwards and JP Losman!  Voilá, no QB controversy anymore.

Believe it or not, I’m partly serious.  I have always thought it would be interesting to develop an offense that made use of two QBs somehow, either simultaneously or on alternating plays or drives.  First, it’s a hedge against injury since it would allow a team to have two potential starting QBs on the team.  Second, it would confuse the hell out of defenses.  Third, it would allow teams to have two QBs with potentially complementary skill sets.  So, maybe one guy is a better passer but the other is a better scrambler.  You could use both depending on the play!  Think this is a crazy idea?  It used to be that teams usually had only one dominant RB.  But last year, Minnesota had Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor.  While officially AP started most games and Chester was the backup, I had both on my fantasy team last year and often played them both on the same Sunday since Chester frequently was as good as a starter while in the backup role!  So why not something radical like two QBs?  The A-11 allows for just that – and much, much more.


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