Sometimes I wish I were a quantum computer…

One of the major advantages of a quantum computer is its ability to perform certain tasks simultaneously by exploiting quantum superposition states.  If there was ever a time I wish I could do the same thing, it’s this week and next.  From Saturday to Tuesday I’ll be in Montana at the Gordon Research Conference on Quantum Information Science and am woefully behind in getting my poster ready.  Monday, while I am in Montana, classes begin at Saint A’s and I’m teaching two math courses this semester since the Math department was unable to find suitable candidates to fill the two tenure-track positions it has open (despite hundreds of applications).  Plus, both my kids begin school next week, my car is still in the shop (been there almost two weeks), I’ve been working for months on securing financing to overhaul my home heating system (switching to wood pellet furnace and solar thermal), and I’ve got three lawns I have to mow.  On top of that I’ve been busting my hump reworking two of my papers all summer, including one that forms the basis for the poster for the Montana conference.  Oh, how I wish I had superpositional abilities…


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