Fact for September 6, 2008

It always irks me when folks from out west claim our mountains here in the east aren’t really mountains.  Not mountains, eh?  Check this out: of the ten deadliest mountains in the world (in terms of the percentage of climbers who have died while attempting a climb), Mt. Everest is only the 7th deadliest, and the 8th deadliest is New Hampshire’s own Mt. Washington.  That’s deadlier than Denali which claims 9th position and Mt. Fuji at 10th (partly due to the high number of suicides).  Remember that these are based on percentages and not total number which, in my mind, is even scarier.  Mt. Washington’s problem is the weather, often considered the world’s worst.  The highest wind gust ever recorded on Earth, at 231 mph, was recorded on this peak where, on nice days, you can buy a T-shirt.


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