Why Maryland makes me laugh

I lived in Maryland for four years and was back last weekend for a cousin’s wedding. My wife and I took these pictures (I created the collage in iWork) in the lobby of our hotel. It’s a very Maryland thing to do. The circled part says “phone rings at front desk only” (click on the picture and you’ll get a larger version in which you can see this for yourself).  Note that, above it, it also says “pick up this phone for assistance.”  Does that include assistance in locating the person on duty?  Because when we got there we stood around for several minutes waiting for someone to check us in.  We noticed the odd note on this phone when we thought we’d try calling someone, figuring it would ring in some back office somewhere.  Um, nope.


3 thoughts on “Why Maryland makes me laugh

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  1. dOOd – yer blawg am be FUNNY AS SHIAT!!!!

    god, I hate Maryland! Needle drug capital of…my psyche. Truly. Had been driving for DAYS on end, from California. FINALLY stopped for what we thought would be a relaxing night at a motel (is there seriously any such thing, honestly?). It was nice, dood! Had a pond! Swans!! (yeah, I know!). What else did it have, you ask?


    On the FLOOR. By the BED.

    Man, that was TEH SUXOR.

    Yuck. Booooo Baltimore!

  2. LOL, you’ve actually told me that story before. Yes, that is Maryland. Glad I don’t live there anymore. Ah, Maine…

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