One day – no, less than one day – after the White House claimed they were disgusted at AIG executives spending $440,000 of their $85 billion bailout money on a spa retreat, the Feds handed AIG another $37.8 billion!!! Note that this story can’t be found anymore on CNN or MSNBC, but it’s an AP wire story so it’s out there. F$%^nuts. They’re all f%^&nuts. (See George Carlin post below.)

Meanwhile, despite pretty good raises (well-above the supposed inflation rate of 3%) for several years in a row along with a promotion, I’m falling further and further behind my monthly (annual) expenses (who the f%^& came up with that 3% number anyway?). In other words my expenses, which began exceeding my income a few years ago, have widened the gap! Note that I’m not a frivolous spender and still manage to maintain an excellent credit rating. Now, where is that money going, you might ask? Well, I did the numbers today and discovered that my gross annual salary exceeds my annual expenses. But after taxes I’m waaay short of what I need (and I’m not in a high tax bracket).

So if these f%^&nuts in Washington want to do something, instead of giving those a$$chunks at AIG $122.8 billion (so they can take a spa retreat in sunny California), how about sending a little money my way? Why don’t they? Well, see the George Carlin clip again if you still don’t get it. A$$f%^&ing c0cksuckers.

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