A legitimate conservative backing Obama

National Review columnist and former George H.W. Bush speech writer Christopher Buckley (who also happens to be the son of the late William F. Buckley, Jr., and author of a series of hilarious books including Boomsday and Thank You for Smoking) has endorsed Barack Obama. Note that earlier this year he had endorsed McCain, but now has decided he does not like what he sees. For whatever reason I never knew that the Christopher Buckley who wrote those hysterical novels was the same as the conservative essayist. You certainly would never know it from his novels (he’s an equal opportunity offender and his writing is funny as hell). In any case, this is an interesting development.


One Response to “A legitimate conservative backing Obama”

  1. […] resignation and the myth of the liberal media Apparently Christopher Buckley, who I reported earlier had endorsed Obama, has, as a result, preemptively resigned his position at The National Review, the magazine founded […]

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