Buckley’s resignation and the myth of the liberal media

Apparently Christopher Buckley, who I reported earlier had endorsed Obama, has, as a result, preemptively resigned his position at The National Review, the magazine founded by his father, the late William F. Buckley, Jr.  In his own words, he was “fatwahed” by the conservative movement.  What I want to know is why this story is so difficult to find?  My wife told me about it (she read it in the latest issue of The Week that just arrived), but I couldn’t find it on any major – or even semi-major – news source when I googled it.  What happened to the liberal media?  Could it be that, rather than being biased towards the left, they’re simply biased towards the bottom line and the bottom line is Christopher Buckley’s resignation wasn’t a big enough draw?  Hmmm…


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