Quantum mechanics, election eve

On this election eve, let’s take a break from all the politics for a moment.  Let’s talk quantum mechanics.  I will be teaching QM in the spring again and have been desperately looking for a good book for quite some time.  Last time I taught it, I used a mash up of Nielsen & Chuang’s Quantum Computation and Quantum Information and Sakurai’s Modern Quantum Mechanics but it wasn’t the best option.  None of the normal undergraduate texts have ever gotten me all that excited, especially from a pedagogical point of view.  But, thanks to a heads up from Bill Wootters, I have the privilege of previewing a new undergraduate QM text by none other than Ben Schumacher and Michael Westmoreland.  The former, of course, is the person who coined the term ‘qubit.’  Anyway, Ben sent me a draft copy of the book to read through over the next couple of months.  In the interest of protecting copyright and all that I won’t be posting excerpts or anything, but I will say that you have to like a book that starts with a discussion of the information theoretic aspects of the ride of Paul Revere!!


2 Responses to “Quantum mechanics, election eve”

  1. physicsandcake Says:

    We used this book as an undergraduate text: Quantum Mechanics by A.I.M. Rae although it’s probably because he works here. It’s quite a nice introduction though. I also like this one by Eisberg and Resnick, it has some nice explanations to go along with the ‘math’, and treats the case studies of the hydrogen atom and the ammonium maser quite nicely, if I remember correctly!

    I’ll keep an eye out for the Schumacher & Westmoreland when it’s published 🙂

  2. quantummoxie Says:

    Huh. I think I’ve heard of Rae but I’ve never heard of Eisberg and Resnick. I’ll have to check them out. I’m hoping this new one I’m looking at proves to be as good as it’s first few pages (that’s as far as I’ve gotten!).

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