You gotta be kidding me…

At what point do I, as an American taxpayer, become a voting shareholder in AIG?


4 Responses to “You gotta be kidding me…”

  1. Dude you already had a nearly 80 percent equity stake 🙂

  2. quantummoxie Says:

    Then why don’t I get those pamphlets that invite me to shareholder meetings so I get express my disgust at the jerks who run the place? And where’s my dividend statement? If this company starts making money again, I want dividend checks mailed to me. >:)

  3. Hey you just got your yield reduced in the latest round: I think it was something like prime rate + 8 and now its down to prime rate + 3. So your dividend check will be smaller (but you extended the life of the loan to five years. Congrats!)

    BTW didn’t you see the pamphlet attached to your ballot for the election? 🙂

  4. quantummoxie Says:

    Damn. Must have tossed the pamphlet when I was at Town Hall. Doh!

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