Skewered on CNNSI – but, hey, I’m on CNNSI!

Well, my fifteen seconds of fame are here for all to see.  Stewart Mandel over at CNNSI dissects my complaint that the MAC (home of my bowl-bound UB Bulls) gets no respect – and shoots me down.  But, hey, not everyone can say they got shot down on a major national website.  In any case, I guess I see his point about Ball State, but I can certainly take issue with Kevin Armstrong’s ranking of the Bulls at 55th while Central Michigan and Western Michigan are over fifteen places higher.  Considering that, ostensibly, margin-of-victory is supposed to play a role here, UB’s ranking is a little odd considering their four losses: on the last play of the game to Central Michigan, in OT to Western Michigan, by nine points to Pitt, and, while losing by twenty-one to Mizzou, they kept it close into the fourth quarter.


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