Cool things about the new President & the recent election

All politics aside, there are some very cool things about our new President and the recent election.

  • The new Prez is a black dude from Lincoln’s home state who will be sworn in on Lincoln’s bible.
  • He’s a black dude from Chicago and if you don’t get that reference read your 1960s and 1970s history.
  • He was still in high school when the original Star Wars came out which means he’s the closest any Prez has been to my generation (his kids are about the ages of mine, in fact).
  • His brother-in-law is Craig Robinson, the men’s basketball coach at Oregon State University.
  • He was born in Hawaii.
  • The new VP is from Delaware (yay for small states!) and, though I can’t stand her, had she been elected Sarah Palin was from Alaska which would have been cool.
  • The inauguration is the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. day.
  • Obama is a true American mutt: Kenyan, English, Irish, and possibly Native American.
  • Obama speaks Indonesian.
  • The new Secretary of Energy is physicist Steve Chu whom I’ve written about before (as have most physicists).
  • McCain and Obama have not held any grudges and the latter feted the former at a dinner last night. In today’s political climate, how rare is that? Hell, even Hoover and Roosevelt wouldn’t talk to each other and that was over 70 years ago.
  • Obama plays basketball, which is the hippest of the four major sports.
  • He’s also a technology addict.
  • Update: He likes Spiderman comics.  How cool is that??

What else did I miss?


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