Dream Research Visits

If you could spend a week or a month with any research group in the world in your field, where would it be? Personally I’d have a tough time choosing, but I think my number one choice would be with Zeilinger’s group in Austria (I know The Pontiff and Shtetl-Optimized think some of the recent work out of there is ‘fluffy’ but, nonetheless I think the Vienna guys are a creative bunch). I’ve had a few interesting conversations with Caslav Brukner over the years and would love to pick his brain a bit more. And Zeilinger himself is an extraordinarily creative guy.

Many of the top research groups in quantum information actually have visiting researcher programs, notably both of the Waterloo-based centers (IQC and Perimeter). For largely undergraduate researchers the Kavli Institute has a nice program. There are plenty of others. Have I actually done any of them? Of course not. But I do intend to get off my back side and apply to one of these soon.


One Response to “Dream Research Visits”

  1. Here are some cute pix from the Vienna Division of Greg Chaitin’s Festschrift-60 back in November 2007. Present were Zeilinger, Chaitin, Cris Calude (it’s his Picasa page) and Karl Svozil.

    Heroes all.


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