Buffalo tragedy

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (which is unlikely if you’re reading this) you’ve heard about the crash of Continental Flight 3407 outside of Buffalo.  Buffalo, despite having a metro-area population of well over one million, is one of those places where everyone knows everyone else either directly or through someone else.  It’s more like three degrees of separation there.  Luckily I haven’t heard yet of anyone I knew having been on the plane and I did not know the folks inside the house.  But this one just seemed a little too close to home – literally.  The plane itself was designed and built a scant jog up the QEW in Toronto and a very good friend of mine is a design engineer for Bombardier who built the plane.  He has photos in his house of field tests he participated in with that model of plane (though possibly an earlier version).

What else can one say in the face of such a tragedy?  Shit.  My thoughts and prayers are certainly with the victims and their families and friends.  If you’ve got time, splease ign The Buffalo News’ online condolence book.


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