March Meeting Musings

I’ve been very busy at the March Meeting and have not had the chance to sit down and blog about it until now.  But here are some highlights that particularly struck me:

  • Lorenza Viola gave an interesting talk about quantum gates that actually correct their own errors (see arXiv:0810.0698).  The room was packed to the hilt, I was at the back, and Lorenza talks fast so I missed a point here and there, but I am quite intrigued by such an idea.
  • I need to learn more about Cartan involutions.  Both Byron Drury and Peter Love gave talks on the subject and Byron, in fact, was the Leroy Apker Award winner.  Congrats to Byron!  (see: arXiv:0806.4015).
  • Bob Griffiths is awesome.
  • Bob Griffiths isn’t quite sure what all the fuss is about regarding entanglement.
  • Once again, someone from the IOFPR submitted an abstract to the foundations session but did not show up.
  • Todd Brun talked about CTCs.  That makes two straight years that we’ve had talks on CTCs. (see: arXiv:0811.1209).
  • Unfortunately Partovi withdrew his abstract.  I was really looking forward to it since it challenges our natural assumptions about the quantum/classical contrast. (see: arXiv:0708.2515).
  • Kim Fook Lee gave an interesting talk on coherent light fields being used for entanglement-based communication.  It gives me some ideas that I want to take back to the laser guys in my department. (see: arXiv:0810.1998).
  • I am not a morning person.
  • Picked up a couple of exam copies of interesting looking books from Princeton University Press including on on Compuational Physics that I am thinking of using to develop a full course for since we now have a Computational Physical Sciences Program.
  • The Topical Group on Quantum Information NEEDS MORE MEMBERS – and active ones at that!

I’m skipping most of today’s talks and giving my own tomorrow.


One Response to “March Meeting Musings”

  1. J. Zheng-Johansson Says:


    Good to known you from your interesting web/blog page.

    Used to attend March Meeting while as a post doc. I was at the March meeting 2003 last time (with a generous donation from the Studsvik Nuclear AB), would like to go each year but currently limited by lack of funding. I go to conferences once or twice a year in europe, that is at the limit.

    In case you are interested, relevant to my this year’s March meeting talk there is an eprint paper “Internally Electrodynamic Particle Model: Its Experimental Basis and Its Predictions”, (submitted, 2008); (preprint): arxiv:0812.3951.
    (Fig 3 correctly should be a right-traveling EM wave).

    Enjoy your talk and the rest conference.

    Best regards,
    J. Zheng-Johansson

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