The Math Factor

I have been an avid listener of The Math Factor for a number of years.  It is an integral part of my rather lengthy commute (together with the BBC).  It has a great website now, but ever since the ice storm in late January/early February they have not been recording new podcasts.  There is no explanation on the website as to why or as to when they might begin recording again.  I could, of course, simply e-mail Chaim and Kyle about this, but that would require effort.  Seriously, maybe I will do that later.  In any case, if you aren’t already a fan, you should be, so check them out.


2 Responses to “The Math Factor”

  1. Howdy, caught this in our Google Alerts. Well, it’s not that we’re lazy– it’s that we want to put our oldest segments up on the web. Actually, it’s not that we’re lazy– it’s that Chaim is now chair of the math department and is going nuts on a daily basis.

    But, man, we have a lot of good problems and interviews backlogged, and will be recording new material pretty soon!

    The Math Factor, Chaim & Kyle

  2. quantummoxie Says:

    LOL, I meant that I was lazy for not e-mailing you to find out what was up! 🙂 And I understand the chair stuff. I’m chair of Mathemtics this semester as well (lucky me).

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