Yet another reason the Yankees suck…

Just to be clear, my in-laws are die-hard Yankees fans and are intent on converting my son.  Nonetheless, to quote Jeff Pearlman of CNNSI,

When it comes to the illusionary art of surface patriotism, no American sports franchise trumps the New York Yankees.

$2625 per seat???  And what’s up with ejecting a guy from the stadium for having to take a leak in the middle of God Bless America (which isn’t even the National Anthem and has usurped baseball’s own anthem Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the 7th inning stretch)?

Please note that I’d be just as pissed if it were the Red Sox doing this.  What happened to gritty old New York?  Hell, it ain’t just New York.  The game has gone the way of everything else in this overly corporate world.  It’s lost it’s character – or rather characters.  I miss Manny and the ’04 Sox whose self-imposed nickname was ‘The Idiots.’

I think I’ll wear my Sanford Mainers jersey today…


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