Some perspective on Mexico

I’ve never been to Mexico but I would like to go some day.  Unfortunately, the outbreak of the swine flu (or H1N1 as the government prefers) has brought out the seedier racist and xenophobic elements of American society.  (I’m a libertarian so I have no particular love for the Democratic party, but why are all the outspoken conservatives such mean, unthinking assholes?)

So, how about a little perspective on the whole Mexico thing?  In the US Mexicans are portrayed as generally dirty and poor.  Most Americans would likely think of Mexico as a third world country.  The truth, of course, is very different.  Mexico is, in fact, the world’s 11th largest economy according to the IMFGoldman-Saches projects that Mexico will be the world’s 5th largest economy by 2050.  The World Bank lists Mexico as an upper-middle income society.

On the education front, Mexico practically invented distance learning, using satellite technology as early as the 1970s in order to reach inaccessible and indigenous regions.  Mexico’s health care system, like all bureaucratic entities, has its problems but is on par with the rest of the developed world and many Mexican doctors received their training in the US.

So the stereotypes are not necessarily true, despite what people like Michelle Malkin may think.  Oh, wait, people like that don‘t think.  I forgot.


One Response to “Some perspective on Mexico”

  1. Raúl Simón Says:

    Thanks for defending Latin America with the truth (when you defend Mexico, you defend Latin America)from those people who—as you rightly say—don’t think. I guessed that talk of that kind would appear again in the States thanks to the swine flu (or however it’s called).

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