Quantum reading list

At the APS March Meeting I won $100 in free books from Wiley.  Of course, in this day and age $100 barely gets you a single book.  Nonetheless, I recently cashed in my prize and (amazingly) the next day (or maybe it was two days later) the book arrived at my door.  Anyway, the book I chose is Quantum Paradoxes: Quantum Theory for the Perplexed by Yakir Aharonov and Daniel Rohrlich.  One reason is that I am intrigued by Aharonov and Rohrlich’s idea of using paradoxes in a creative pedagogical way.  Of course I just finished teaching QM for this semester, but will be teaching it again next spring so I’ll try to see what ideas they might have for incorporating paradoxes into a QM course.  The book appears unique in that it includes problem sets much like a textbook though really couldn’t serve as an actual text for a QM course.  The main text that I used this semester is the forthcoming text by Ben Schumacher and Michael Westmoreland that should be released by Cambridge University Press this fall.  I will post a more thorough review of that book soon but will say that I plan to use it again next year.


One Response to “Quantum reading list”

  1. I have readed this book and I like it very much, but there are some ideas thet I don’t share, for example when the authors explain the measurement process they suggest that really there is some objective quantity revealed by the measurement. In order to avoid contradictions, for example with Bell theorem, then the authors have to construct a theory of non-local interactions.

    But in any case a very worth book. It will deepens your understanding of physics.

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