Apparently Google worships satan – but they have “exquisite taste”

Some people will find conspiracy in absolutely everything.

Those Google “doodles” that sometimes adorn the search giant’s homepage with clever variations on the company logo might be cute, but take a closer look. Critics charge that it’s possible to see in the sketches Google’s disdain for (take your pick) America, Muslims, Christians, Christmas, and creationism.

Looking back though [sic] the doodles, we’re most impressed not with how controversial they are but with how far they’ve come (see two designs on the right). Early drawings from 1999 look like something quite possibly thrown together by Larry or Sergey during a coffee break; 2009’s images, by contrast, are real works of art.

They are also surprisingly eclectic. What other company would celebrate René Magritte’s birthday, Dr. Seuss, and the Large Hadron Collider? If these are Satanists, they’re Satanists with exquisite taste.

Read the full article here.


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