David Rohde escapes Taliban

I was relieved but also shocked that New York Times reporter David Rohde escaped from the Taliban on Friday.  I was not shocked as much by the escape as I was by the fact that he’d been in captivity.  Why?  Because I know him.  His father Harvey and stepmother Andrea are close friends of mine (I just saw Andrea on Thursday).  We had no idea he’d even been captive.  I vaguely remember hearing he was over there writing a book.  However, I suspect this amazing silence has helped save his life.  Apparently all the experts say keeping it under wraps is one of the best ways to ensure the safe returned of someone who has been kidnapped.  In any case, three cheers for David and his family.

Update: Yes, Harvey told me that they were told to keep it under close wraps the entire time.  I am amazed and impressed at how well they hid it.


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