Therapy chickens and dead hard drives

We all have seen dogs, cats, horses, and other assorted animals used for therapeutic purposes, but has any of us ever seen chickens used in this capacity?  If you haven’t, fear not, because therapy chickens could be coming to a town near you.  Too bad no one thought of this a few hundred years ago.  A therapy chicken might have been therapeutic for Mary, Queen of Scots, assuring her that indeed she might still accomplish something after her beheading (albeit not much more than a little twitching).

In any case, I suppose I could use a therapy chicken or goat or something at this point as I may have lost years of work partly due to my own stupidity and partly due to the unreliability of modern technology.  Last Monday the hard drive on my laptop died.  I have tried everything to extract some data from it (including the old refrigerator trick) to no avail.  I am left hoping the college will cover the cost of data retrieval (which runs between $1k and $2k and is thus unlikely).  Some things were backed up (notably my course materials – I keep paper copies of everything) but, sadly, not the past month’s work on the book proposal I had been preparing, nor the neat short story I had recently completed.

It turns out my HDD was not one of the bad Seagate drives.  It’s a Fujitsu and it’s at least not rattling so there might be some hope that something could be salvaged from the drive platters themselves.  The Seagate drives and potentially mine highlight the need for solid state hard drives.  My motto is that the fewer moving, parts the better.

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