hacked: yet another reason not to give up paper

Via numerous sources, has been down – and possibly hacked – for most of the day so far.  If you go there it will send you to a mirror site, not all of which are up-to-date.  I did manage to find my latest paper (posted on May 29) at the APS’ mirror, so that seems to be fairly up-to-date.

It’s an interesting coincidence that this occurred just as the North Koreans (or possibly someone posing as the North Koreans) have been accused of hacking numerous US and South Korean government websites.

It’s also an interesting coincidence that it happened not long after my work hard drive failed completely.  I had been counting on the arXiv as a back-up for my papers temporarily (it’s a long story and underscores the importance of backing up your work).  Luckily mine seem to be ok for now.  But, just in case, I have paper copies.  These incidents taken together have renewed my faith in good, old-fashioned paper.  I already back up all my teaching-related material on paper.  I think it is time I start doing that with my research as well.


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