God must be banging his head against a wall…

Sometimes, for all our amazing intelligence, humans can be really, really stupid.  If you believe in God, what was the point of giving us a brain if he didn’t want us to use it?  As if creationists – especially young earth creationists – weren’t bad enough, there are actually geocentrists out there including a dude with a PhD in astronomy from Case Western!  Can they revoke his degree for lying on his exams?  A scarier statistic is that upwards of 20% of Americans believe in a geocentric universe.  Personally, I think it would be fair for those of us who produce the science and technology these jackasses use to demand they give it all back – cell phones, TVs, cars, you name it.  If it was built using the laws of physics – which they deny – they can’t have it.  They’re free to believe what they want to believe, but they’re not allowed to use shit they don’t believe in.  If they can build this stuff with Biblical science, then more power to them.  I swear God must be banging his head against a wall.


2 thoughts on “God must be banging his head against a wall…

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  1. Geocentrists are awesome. I mean, I love people who back one non-intertial frame over all others. I would, however, make their life easier if the frame they chose to latch onto was inertial 🙂

  2. Ha! Very true indeed. You would think that this guy Bouw would know that, seeing as how he has a PhD in astronomy from CWU. But nooooo. Well, at least they’re no flat Earthers. There was a dude in Arizona (or NM?) who was a die-hard flat Earther for Biblical reasons. The hysterical thing was that his wife – who was also a flat-Earther – was Australian.

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