Should I change the name of the blog?

Maybe I should rename it Quantum Pariah or something like that.  If you’ve read the blog recently, you may have read this post about my problems with QIP 2010.  Well, after appealing to the Chair of the Program Committee as well as the Chair of the Organizing Committee, I was told that, though they don’t normally allow revisions, they’d be willing to consider it once they sent me the reviewer comments (remember this is for a poster, not a talk – if you’d like to judge for yourself, here’s the latest version of the paper).  The original decision was made December 14th and they promised to get the reviewer comments to me within “a few days.”  It is now December 29th and I have received nothing.  I leave for the workshop on January 16th.  If they were serious with their offer (which it appears they weren’t), they’d have given me more time since, were my revision to be accepted I would then need to make a poster.  Polite inquiries about this have met with no response.  Granted, we just had Christmas, but presumably this task shouldn’t have been any harder than forwarding an e-mail to me.

Throughout this process, appeals to people on the Program Committee who I thought were “friends,” at least in some sense of the word, didn’t produce much in the way of assistance.  As I mentioned before, my college gave me several thousand dollars beyond my usual budget to attend this workshop with the understanding that I would be presenting a poster (since I had been given the impression only lunatics were denied posters – again, you may judge for yourself if you think the paper qualifies me as a lunatic).  The plane tickets have been purchased and are non-refundable (and on SwissAir, so it’s not like I could necessarily switch them to go to a different conference – SwissAir doesn’t fly many places from Boston).  Plus I’d be leaving Todd Brun in the lurch since I agreed to room with him (assuming he hasn’t pulled out on me without telling me – with my luck I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened).

So perhaps Quantum Pariah is a better name than Quantum Moxie since it seems that’s what I am.  Yeah, I know the real world sucks sometimes, but there still seems to be a lot less kindness, compassion, and civility in the world than there used to be.  Some of these people are truly the most nasty, narcissistic people on the face of the planet (to borrow a line from RR Tucci).  They’re intellectual bullies and their bullying can be just as psychologically damaging as the usual kind of bullying.  Unfortunately, as a good friend of mine recently said to me, giving up on The Quantum Times as a form of payback would really just amount to career suicide.


2 Responses to “Should I change the name of the blog?”

  1. Well, I haven’t pulled out on you. Sorry if I haven’t been in touch recently.

  2. quantummoxie Says:

    Well, that’s a bit embarrassing. Sorry to doubt you Todd. Glad to know you’re still going.

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