FQXi awards – shameless self-promotion

OK, considering all that has gone wrong with my research in recent years, I figure I ought to have the right to brag at least once.  An essay I wrote was awarded a Third Prize by FQXi in the latest essay contest.  In the process, I managed to beat out Stephen Wolfram (yes, THAT Stephen Wolfram), among other well-known physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers.  The prize comes with a rather nice monetary award and membership in FQXi which includes a slew of quantum information people along with Nobel Laureates t’Hooft, Weinberg, and Wilczek.  I should add that I view this as a huge victory for small colleges like Saint Anselm, outreach organizations like ASNNE, and the Anacapa Society from which many of these ideas were spawned.


2 thoughts on “FQXi awards – shameless self-promotion

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  1. Thanks Arjen and I’m sorry yours didn’t win something. I certainly enjoyed it! I just hope its recognition through this award gets more people to pay attention to the problem itself. I’m at a conference right now where this very problem is rearing its ugly head. The physicists and computer scientists are talking over each others’ heads.

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