Dreaming of Scott Aaronson

I had a dream last night that had Scott Aaronson in it. We were in some large foyer of an old building and talking about a conference or something in Iraq. What does it mean when one starts to dream about talking to Scott Aaronson?


9 Responses to “Dreaming of Scott Aaronson”

  1. It means you should stop watching horror movies.

  2. quantummoxie Says:

    Oh, Scott’s not that bad. He’s hardly one of the most intentionally offensive people in the QIP community. I honestly don’t think Scott means anything personally (unlike a lot of others I shall not name).

  3. I like Scott. I find him to be intellectually honest. But dreaming about him. Brrr. I shudder just to think of it.

  4. quantummoxie Says:

    LOL, well, that’s true. At least the dream only involved a conversation.

  5. I had a dream about Lexie Stewart once. Or twice.

  6. quantummoxie Says:

    Martha’s kid? Seriously? Dude, you gotta get out more. You should have gone to Liechtenstein with me.

  7. Come on you have to admit Lexie is seriously hot.

  8. quantummoxie Says:

    She’s ok, I guess. Maybe it’s the haircut. She was hot on the cover of Page Six magazine, but I don’t know if “seriously” really applies to her.

  9. quantummoxie Says:

    I think I realized why I don’t find her that hot. She looks too much like Carrie Fisher and, with the exception of Return of the Jedi, Carrie Fisher has never been hot in my book.

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