Math journals for the rejected

Two journals have recently gone into production that seek to publish rejected and/or unpublishable papers. The Journal of Unpublishable Mathematics appears to be a joke since their inaugural issue is six blank pages (there is a header on each).

On the flip side, Rejecta Mathematica actually prints real papers. In fact they only print papers that have been previously rejected from other serious mathematics journals (hence the name). Under their FAQ are questions such as

  • Is this some kind of joke? [No, Rejecta Mathematica is real.]
  • Will you publish anything? [No, we select papers based on several loosely defined criteria.]
  • I don’t understand your logo? What is it? [Yeah, you’re not the only one.]
  • Can I cite a paper in Rejecta Mathematica? [Please do! Our current impact factor is 0.]
  • My paper got rejected from Rejecta Mathematica. I’m not sure how to feel about that. [Perhaps you should feel honored.]

That last one is addressed to me.


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