OK, I’m going to be political for a moment

I’m not sure what to make of this.  On the one hand, I share these people’s frustration with the idiocy that is big-government and am angry at how much government has grown and intruded into my life over the past decade.  I mean, I supported Ron Paul in the 2008 primaries.  But these guys are a little nuts.  Can’t people be anti-Washington without also being anti-reason?


4 thoughts on “OK, I’m going to be political for a moment

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  1. Sure they can. However, I see a fundamental flaw in libertarian political theory. I think the idea of total personal responsibility, create your life by your own choices etc. typically professed by libertarians is literally a fallacy. Let’s not even wrangle over free will (might tempt me into arguing about QM!) Just pretend we have it for the sake of argument. Even so, consider that if you are free to “choose” from among available alternatives, you likely did not have a big hand in effect, writing the menu you’re picking from. Just about anyone can pick from whatever “choices” available, big whoop. IOW, you didn’t control what the choices and their associated consequences were going to be – you just get to pick from among them. (Think of the LOTE bane of elections.) That situation isn’t real freedom.

    The real “choice” is held by the “writers of the menus.” They’re the ones with power, that have more control over what is available and what the consequences of various choices are. They decide that you will have a set of lousy choices for credit card or cell phone service, or public officials, etc. Yes there’s feedback, but it’s usually unsatisfying. Real choice means, you have a powerful hand in deciding what you can pick from and what picking it will make happen. Libertarians etc. just don’t appreciate that. The worst of them (i.e. not the well-meaning dreamers – the Ron Paul Types) and plutocratic allies want the rest to be fooled into an illusion of “control” by the mere banality of getting to pick from a menu, and not to challenge the menu itself.

    If anyone reading this is a sincere libertarian, don’t take it too hard as a put down. I can believe you’re sincere, and very much respect similar figures like Ron Paul (and other genuine strict Constitutionalists etc.) as an honest and consistent man. But do realize your positions will be very helpful to the upper crust (despite protestations) as well as partaking of the sort of fallacies described here and at e.g. the Anti-libertarian FAQ.

    PS, Moxie, please change this all-dark scheme. I have trouble finding windows and tabs, etc. Also REM you were going to back to me about Q-mech issues. See also my latest question at Uncertain Principles (off Chad’s latest “Dog” post) about how come the first BS in a MZI doesn’t split “worlds” per MWI, like the second one is presumed to do IIUC.

  2. Neil,

    Thanks for the comments. I’ve always considered myself a pragmatic libertarian. I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment that Ron Paul is a “dreamer” though. If he really is, i.e. he’s an idealist as opposed to a realist, that would be very disappointing for the rest of us since he seems to be one of the few people who understands the inherent interconnectedness of everything.

    Regarding the scheme, I like the dark aspects (personal preference), but partially heeded your advice and changed it a bit. I hope it is more readable now. You might have to play with your screen brightness a bit.

    Regarding your stuff about QM, I honestly completely forgot about it. I’ll take a look now and see if I can come up with a cogent response.

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