Algorithmic thermodynamics & Eddington

John Baez and Mike Stay have written an interesting paper combining algorithmic information theory with statistical mechanics.  Looks to be an interesting read.  Incidentally, while over at the n-Category Café, I stumbled across an old (and very interesting) post on dimensional analysis.  One of the comments indicated that Clive Kilmister had died.  This is certainly possible, though I’m very surprised I hadn’t heard of it.  The last time I saw Clive (which was admittedly six years ago) he was alive, well, and spritely.  Alas it is nevertheless possible that he has passed on, though I sincerely hope not.  Clive – along with Ted Bastin, Pierre Noyes, Frederick Parker-Rhodes, and John Amson – founded the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association (ANPA).  They were essentially the successors to Eddington (which explains why I know them since my dissertation was on Eddington’s Fundamental Theory not to mention that John Amson is a retired St. Andrews mathematics professor who I had the pleasure of lunching with one afternoon at his home in Crail while I was working on my dissertation).  They are/were interesting folks and a testament to the great tradition of off-beat foundational work that exists in the UK.  I sincerely miss that.


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