A visible sonic boom

Now THIS is WICKED cool.  Advance to the 1:50 mark to see what I’m talking about.


One thought on “A visible sonic boom

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  1. Yes, Wow that was really cool! I never saw anything just like it. It was even cooler because I (like all the cool people, or is that “hot”?) have “Little SDO” as a Facebook Friend. Are you on FB, Ian? LMK if so, I could a add you. Add SDO too if you can. I haven’t seen specific analysees of what happened, why it looked like that, if presence of sun dog was marker of conditions (how appropriate, in any case.)

    I live near Langley AFB, one of the few F-22 bases. I don’t think they actually go supersonic, but under certain conditions a turn or acceleration will cause odd puffs of vapor around the jet.

    BTW, it may have been a subtle adjustment but it seems so adjusted your comment box for greater visibility (clear white outlines, but the explanatory text is still hard to read.)

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