The nLab experiment has begun

As I mentioned before, I put up a page on quantum channels over at nLab.  I suggested to Bob Coecke that he get one of his grad students to put up pages on categorical quantum mechanics and Aleks Kissinger has agreed to take up the task.  So, quantum mechanics and quantum information theory are beginning to develop a broader presence on nLab which is a good thing.  Plus, I’m making more progress on the quantum channel front and the format is more to my liking than MathOverflow.  If you’re interested in making a contribution, check out the site.

2 thoughts on “The nLab experiment has begun

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  1. I would especially like a section about QubitPOX (Qubit Programming at Oxford), the revolutionary quantum programming language based on Categories invented at Oxford University,

    1. Then sign up and start adding stuff! It’s relatively easy, and they seem to be a pretty helpful bunch of people. 🙂

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