God help humanity

I listened to a BBC program yesterday that interviewed the newly installed president of the Flat Earth Society. This is not an elaborate joke (though this is). At first I found this really scary – that someone could deny something as ridiculously simple as this. But my second reaction was anger – anger at the willful denial of science while simultaneously accepting and using the technology built from that science. Science is not something you can pick and choose from – it’s not a smorgasbord. Personally, I think these people – and I include global warming deniers in this category – should fork over all their technology – their iPhones, their computers, their cars, their glasses and contact lenses, their medicines, everything – if they are going to deny basic science since they don’t deserve to reap the benefits of it. God help humanity. And if it turns out there is no God, well, then we’re even more screwed than we were before.


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