QInfo travel grants

As usual, I received grapevine word of the following (see below).  Wouldn’t you think that, as the editor of the major (perhaps the only?) newsletter on quantum information in the US (maybe anywhere?), Mary Beth Ruskai would have sent this to me even if she didn’t think it would make it into the newsletter in time (which it would if she’d approached me about it)?  But, no, Ivan Deutsch had to send me a message asking me for her.  She also sent it to Dave Bacon (i.e. The Pontiff).  WTF is wrong with the quantum information community???  I have truly never met a more insular, obsessively navalnavel-gazing group of people in my life.

US NSF Travel Grant Program for Nordita/Mittag-Leffler
Conference on Quantum Information Theory 4-8 Oct. 2010

This program will provide funds to support travel and lodging for US scientists to participate in the International Conference on Quantum Information Theory to be held in Stockholm Sweden during 4-8 October 2010. Information on the conference is available at
The program is contingent on funding expected from the US National Science Foundation and will be administered by Tufts University. It is intended to cover most of the costs of travel and lodging.

In addition, funds are available to cover lodging for 1-2 weeks before or after the conference to participate in the fall programs at Nordita and Mittag-Leffler or to engage in collaborative research at other institutes in Scandanavia. For information on these programs see
http://www.nordita.org/ http://www.mittag-leffler.se/programs/future/1011f/
Those not constrained by teaching obligations are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

Eligibility: Open to US scientists, i.e., US citizens or those affiliated with a US institution.
• Preference will be given to junior scientists (advanced graduate students and recent PhD’s) and faculty at undergraduate (RUI) institutions. Members of under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply.
• In general, those who have current grants with travel funds are not eligible. Partial institutional support is permissible.
• US scientists participating in the Nordita or Mittag-leffler programs in Sept. or Oct. who wish to extend their stay to include the conference week are eligible for lodging support that week.
• Transatlantic travel must use US flag carriers (even if more expensive).

Application process: Applications must be submitted by e-mail to Chris King c.king@neu.edu
Send a CV with a cover letter containing a brief description of research interests. Those who want to extend their stay should also describe their plans and/or interest in this. Graduate students and new PhD’s should arrange for one (at most two) letters of recommendation to be sent separately.

Application Deadline: 15 July 2010

Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee of Charles H. Bennett, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Julio Gea-Banacloche, Christopher King (chair), Marius Junge, Mary Beth Ruskai (PI) and Wim van Dam. We expect to notify applicants by the start of August.

Questions: Contact the PI, Mary Beth Ruskai, by e-mail to marybeth.ruskai@tufts.edu


3 Responses to “QInfo travel grants”

  1. […] here: QInfo travel grants « Quantum Moxie Comments […]

  2. “Naval gazing”? Ian, no fan of Patrick O’Brian’s novels can let that pass. The QIS community is IMHO insufficiently romantic to even dream of aspiring to naval gazing!

    But sincerely … thank you very much for publicizing this fine opportunity.

  3. quantummoxie Says:

    Oh dear. Well, if you could see me now, I’m laughing (and I’m a huge O’Brian fan, though I’ve only made my way through the first seven novels thusfar).

    [And while I meant no offense, there are other GQIers who secretly agree with me (given the correct spelling)…]

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