Gettin’ jiggy with micromechanics

My lame New Year’s take on “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” notwithstanding, rhyme and science can make for an interesting mix.  I just read a short article in my latest Johns Hopkins Engineering alumni magazine about Hopkins mechanical engineering professor K.T. Ramesh who requires his PhD students to include a “creative presentation” with their thesis.  2008 graduate Reuben Kraft not only made an abstract art painting of a mode 1 fracture, he wrote an accompanying song (to the tune of “To Be With You” by Mr. Big) that included the following lyrics:

Solid mechanics with computational twist

Materials and physics were also on my list

I want to understand how materials rupture

Getting jiggy with it at the microstructure

Unfortunately, Prof. Ramesh and his current and former students have not posted their creative pieces anywhere that I could find and the magazine did not include a URL for locating them.  Oh well.

Ramesh’s motivation for his requirement?  “I want my PhD students to see themselves as people and not just scientists.”  Word.


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