FQXi essay & dedication

My father-in-law passed away quite unexpectedly just over a week ago.  He was like a second father to me. He was young (68) and in reasonably good health (he’d been given a clean bill-of-health from his cardiologist just recently).  When he passed away, I was about two-thirds of the way through an essay for the latest FQXi contest and so I dedicated it to him.  You can read and vote on the essay here. I’ll miss Larry very much.


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  1. Ian, I am sorry for your loss and regret sounding flippant in my comment at Facebook on . I thought from that 😐 that maybe you were just in a grumpy mood or something, I didn’t yet notice the post about your father in law (yes, even though I see “FQXi ….” there now and my own submission got accepted. I fly around my big bunch of Friends and miss lots of context …) My consolations to you, he must have been special to you folks. I’ll look at your essay and leave some comment/s. Mine is up too, about the failure of decoherence to resolve the measurement problem.

  2. The Anti-Ian Durham is clearly David Tong. Who’s Welsh, of course, not Chinese. Sort of an inter-Celtic thing here.

    You have to admit his argument’s subtle, daring and original. But he’s a maths-mystic and would probably never get coarse-graining.

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